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An Author’s Dream Publisher

Goodwin Global Publishing, LLC 

Our Story

GOODWIN GLOBAL PUBLISHING, LLC - Member of IAPO Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group

Goodwin Global Publishing, LLC (GGP) is an independently-owned book publishing company publishing multiple titles from multiple authors with an established infrastructure of contract services inclusive of critiques, editorial, sales, marketing and publicity.

GGP was created by Renee Goodwin, a certified book publisher and an award-winning author of GG Life Lesson Storybook Series ® children’s picture books.  As a novice children’s book author, Renee weathered the ups and downs of the publishing world but always keeping an open mind and learning from her experiences.  

Renee Goodwin widened her scope of work becoming a certified Book Publisher, then creating Goodwin Global Publishing, LLC. The goal of GGP is to offer authors contract publishing services producing quality products while establishing loyal and long-term relationships.

Click on our Contact page and email GGP today to learn more and begin your publishing venture.

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