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Goodwin Global Publishing Achievements

Goodwin Global Publishing is proud to showcase our represented Authors’ Works. 


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Image by Susan Q Yin


GGP Authors

Renee Goodwin



Renee Goodwin, award-winning author of GG Life Lesson Storybooks Series ® children’s books has excitedly chosen GGP to publish her upcoming books in the series.

GGP is extremely proud and honored to represent Renee, GG and Leo in their life lesson adventures.​  


GGP is excited to assist Renee Goodwin with her first novel(s).  Renee's novel,

A Love, A Life Forgone publishing Dec. 2022.  Her novel available online and on her website.


Betty Rose 



Betty Rose is best known for her Children’s Picture Book, 

Can I Have A Monkey?

which contains 15 sight words.

Betty’s soon to be published books include a story about some very active farm animals, stories about her family pets, two adorable Shih Tzus, a story about children’s mental health, and a story about kindness.  


GGP looks forward to publishing these books and seeing what these stories are all about.


First-time Authors

GGP welcomes:

  • Rev. Jerome R. Milton

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