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Renee Goodwin

Renee Goodwin - children book author and novelist

Her books

GG Life Lesson Storybooks 

GG Clean House

GG Meets Her Match

GG Asks, "Is Jesus In Your Class?"

GG Takes Action

GG Sets Sail 

GG Works The Honeybees

A Love, A Life Forgone - a novel

Agnes Gray is faced with crucial life decisions finding herself at the crossroads of her life.  Needing a life restoration, yearning for a love, a life forgone, wondering if that love, that life can ever be found for her.

Living Past Shadows -
a novel

Jodie is running, running from her past, trying to leave shadows of miseries, disappoints and heartaches and live past shadows seeking a happy future.

GG Works The Honeybees - Helping Nature

by Renee Goodwin

A tribute to all beekeepers

Available October 17, 2023

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