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Rev. Jerome R. Milton is a minister, pastor, coach and first-time author, Can You Still Serve God With An Unclean Record?  Rev. Milton has been preaching and teaching God's word for over fifty years.  He is thankful to share these encouraging words of his experiences in his first book helping others to know they can serve God no matter what their past, present or future life experiences have been, are or may be. 

Rev. Jerome Milton was born in San Diego, California being orphaned as an infant, growing up in orphanages and foster care.  After numerous foster care home disappointments, Rev. Milton found love and care from his foster mother who showed him he had great purpose in live.  His mother always told him, "Jerome, don't let your abuse be your excuse." 

Rev. Milton received a full athletic scholarship graduating with honors from UCLA.  He earned his Master of Ministry degree from Point Loma College.  His Doctorate of Divinity was conferred by Easter Bible College. 

Rev. Jerome R. Milton

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Rev. Milton found his way to Texas, settling in Tyler where he is a highly acclaimed citizen being the recipient of the prestigious T. B. Butler Award.  He was instrumental bringing cultures together starting the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Observation and March that continues in Tyler today.

Rev. Milton was the "Pastor For The Day" delivering the opening prayer for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2012.  In addition, Rev. Milton is recognized by Sports Illustrated Magazine for his track and field coaching winning ten straight championships.

Rev. Milton is the senior pastor of Open Door Bible Fellowship Church, Tyler, TX.  Rev. Milton and his wife are devoted parents to their six adopted children.

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